Scion FRS 2013 [REL]

Scion FRS 2013

Original Models : Forza 4 Motorsport

Rip by : Keisuke
convert to sa : Kimdra22

Feature :
Adapt Imvehft
Adapt SA Lights
working Steering
drift handling
rocket bunny kits
3D Engine and Underbody
MQ Rotiform Rims,Tires,and Rotors
HQ Interior and Exterior

Special thanks to :
- ism for rocket bunny original kit
- Liviu for 3d underbody
- Jack7793 for Rotiform Rims
- 17TB for Wing,engine bay,Engine
- Muhammad Adri,Andre putra pratama ,M fatwa Haidar for Help me

ZM Preview : 

Test In Game ;)

Link :Download
Pass : 28081999


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